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Enjoy your session in my peaceful private studio & enjoy the hot towels, heated table, sauna, & shower, conveniently located 1 mile from the 411 Wal-Mart in Maryville. Scroll to bottom for Outcall Availability  

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To ensure that each client leaves entirely relaxed, with the work that their body needs, including any areas that need extra attention on that day, & with the complete benefits of a massage, full body massages are offered in 90 minute or 2 hour sessions. 


* All Services: Any 2/$5 off, 3/$10 off, 4/$15 off, 5/$20 off, 6/$25 off, 7/$30 off


BAREFOOT ASHIATSU DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE    $75/90 min    $110/2 hour (includes Hot Stone Massage on the back & neck) Heated mat + multiple hot towels for an extremely luxurious, yet therapeutic experience. Recommended for clients who wish to see results but without the pain of a traditional Deep Tissue massage (thumbs & elbows). Ashiatsu is considered THE DEEPEST, MOST LUXURIOUS MASSAGE AVAILABLE.  You will achieve greater pain relief without the uncomfortable, "pointy" feel of an elbow.  The large, round heel is padded & much more comfortable & effective than a sharp elbow or thumb & the arch of the foot is perfectly curved for the contours of your body, while the ball of the foot is much larger & more padded than the palm of the hand. Gravity & body weight allow far more pressure to sink into each muscle & the broadness of the foot disperses the weight through long, even strokes (much like a rolling pin), allowing fresh blood to rush into your muscles, which increases your mobility & flexibility.  You will receive deep tissue relief with Barefoot Massage, but the pressure can be adjusted from Medium to Deep, based on your likes & needs. 

During your Barefoot session, you still receive work on your scalp/face/neck/foot with hands, unless you request otherwise. 


SWEDISH MASSAGE  $75/90 min    $110/2 hour  (includes Hot Stone Massage on the back & neck) This is a traditional table massage. If you prefer light to medium/med-firm pressure & are looking for a relaxing full body massage, Swedish is for you. Includes heated table + multiple hot towels to help you achieve deep relaxation. For a Firm Pressure or Deep Tissue Massage, please schedule a Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage.


HOT STONE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE   $90/90 min    $120/2 hour  This full-body massage is both luxurious & therapeutic. Your muscles are first warmed with moving hot stones & oil, followed by your choice of Swedish or Barefoot Ashiatsu massage. Warming the muscles so thoroughly first with stones ensures that you will receive much deeper work because your muscles are already so supple before the hand/foot work begins & the therapist can then sink deeply into your muscles for the rest of your session.                                              


COUPLES/FRIENDS MASSAGE  $60/60 min    $75/90 min   $110/2 hour   *Prices per person      One of you receives a massage while the other client relaxes in a comfortable, heated anti-gravity chair with a blanket, eye mask, eye massager, & soft music. Sometimes one client will drop the other off & return in one hour for their massage. You may choose to detox while you wait in the Infrared Sauna for $1/minute. You can ask 1-2 friends to join you during your sauna treatment & split the cost among your group. They could then shower & leave while you stay for your massage.


PRENATAL MASSAGE  $60/60 min A pampering massage for a mother-to-be that relieves those aching feet, legs, low back, neck, & shoulders... full body relief for any prenatal client over 12 weeks pregnant.                     



*must book minimum of 2 services:  Any 2/$5 off, 3/$10 off, 4/$15 off, 5/$20 off, 6/$25 off, 7/$30 off

FULL SPA DAY:  All 7 Spa Services for $250 


30 MIN MASSAGE (Foot Massage or Head/Neck/Back or Combo) $35  *available w/at least 1 more service  

Hot towels, heated treatment area, full pampering!  Your choice of Swedish or Barefoot Ashiatsu


30 MIN REFLEXOLOGY $35 *available w/at least 1 more service 

You will be very comfortable & remain clothed during your foot-only session.  Sessions will include hot towels & a heated anti-gravity chair or massage table (table if you are combining w/massage)     


INFRARED SAUNA DETOX $1/min (up to 3 people): *available w/at least 1 more service

Sauna is $1/minute whether there are 1, 2, or 3 persons, so you could bring friends & split the cost. You may sauna with your bathing suit, robe, towel, or without a drape, as there is a blackout privacy curtain inside the sauna. You will sweat profusely & can shower privately after your session. Infrared heat helps with detoxification of metals & other toxins, pain relief, weight loss (600 calories per 30 min), impurities in the skin, relaxation, & circulation. Infrared saunas are known to release up to 7X more toxins than a regular wet or dry sauna. You may schedule for Sauna only or add other services to your appointment.  Recommended time is 15-45 minutes. Click here to learn more: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12265/6-benefits-of-infrared-sauna-therapy.html 


COCONUT OIL HAIR KREME MASSAGE $45  *available w/at least 1 more service 

Try this unique treatment that I learned in Bali, Indonesia: Deep conditioning for your hair w/coconut oil, essential oils, & other natural conditioners PLUS a face, scalp, neck, pec, shoulder massage with coconut oil & hot, steamy towels for your head!  THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE TREAT & it happens to be great for your hair, too! It is a full Balinese experience like no other, with the music, dress, & scents of Bali. You will receive your treatment in a heated, plush anti-gravity chair & will have your choice of showering the Kreme out of your hair or leaving it in for even deeper conditioning. For Men or Women. Must have hair for this service.  


FULL BODY SUGAR SCRUB $50   *available w/at least 1 more service 

Want the feel of smooth, brand new skin? This is the ULTIMATE in skin pampering! A body scrub includes a full body brushing that feels incredible. 3 rounds of full body exfoliation, including a handmade, hypoallergenic sugar scrub in Chocolate Brownie, Honeydew, or Peppermint + Mini Massage with Pomegranate Cranberry Massage Lotion, which sinks deep into your newly cleared pores, gives your skin a new glow, & is unbelievably relaxing; Come in your clothes/leave in your pj's because you will definitely be relaxed & ready for a good night's rest after this service. *You do shower the scrub off here in the spa shower; towels & products provided


COCONUT OIL FACIAL MASSAGE $45  *available w/at least 1 more service  

Pamper yourself with a facial massage that includes steamed towels for your face & scalp, hypo-allergenic cleansers & toner, a calming Lavendar scrub, a Mint Julep tightening mask, Coconut Oil neck/shoulders massage, Coconut Oil face/scalp massage, & Coconut Oil/Shea Butter moisturizers. Enjoy the benefits of massaging coconut oil into the skin with smoother, softer skin & tighter pores. Coconut oil is also known for its anti-aging, anti-wrinkling properties, as well as for helping your skin to maintain moisture. 


30 MIN DETOX FOOT BATH $40  *available w/at least 1 more service  

Use ionic technology to detoxify your body through the 1000's of pores in your feet. Read about it here.


Gift Certificates available for $10 & up.

3 persons or more?  Visit the Spa Parties page.

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I also provide Outcall Services. I will bring my massage table, massage chair, or reflexology chair to your home or business. I would love to provide Chair or Foot Massage at your Company Appreciation Day or other Special Event!  *Outcalls include a travel fee due to travel time, set up/break down, etc.

WITHIN MARYVILLE/BLOUNT COUNTY:  $50 Travel Fee (can split among a group) + Price of Service

OUTSIDE OF MARYVILLE (3 hr. minimum): $100 Travel Fee (split among the group)+ Price of Service (includes Sevierville, Seymour, Loudon/Monroe Counties, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge) *Gatlinburg travel fee is $125 due to distance